Getting to know your mortgage servicer

by Heritage Homes Real Estate 05/21/2023

What is mortgage servicing featured image

Buying a home, you may find yourself working closely with a mortgage loan servicer to finance your home purchase. Knowing the basics of mortgage servicing can help you navigate the life of your loan and get a better handle on how to make changes in the future if needed. 

How do I find out who my mortgage servicer is?

After purchasing your home, you can make note of who your service provider is by viewing your monthly mortgage statement. 

Your mortgage servicer is responsible for the handling of the loan after you have closed on your home. This includes managing escrow, sending payment statements and receiving your monthly payments. 

Can you change your mortgage servicer?

You can’t change your mortgage servicer so it’s essential to do research before closing on your  home. If you’re having issues with your provider that haven't been resolved directly through the company, consider escalating your complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

Tell me the difference between a lender & a servicer?

The terms mortgage lender and mortgage servicer may seem similar but they can differ based on the stage you’re in during the homebuying process. 

Prior to closing on a home, a lender gathers your info to make sure you qualify for a loan, handle loan approvals and disperse funds once the home is closed on. Afterward, the lender transfers the handling of the loan to a loan servicer, however in some cases the lender also acts as the loan servicer. 

Mortgage payments are a long term commitment so get to know your servicer and ask questions if you need clarity on your mortgage loan.